Wednesday , July 24 2024

Victoria Branch

President: Dr Justin Brown
Secretary: Yousuf Syed Co-Secretary Huda Elmi

Lifesavers, Saturday, 30th September at Melbourne Grand Mosque, on FIMA lifesaver day

Lifesavers, Saturday, 9th September 2023, at Fawkner Masjid,

250 atendees including females

Lifesavers, Saturday, 19th August,2023 at Cranbourne Masjid

Lifesavers, Tuesday, 15th August,2023 at Swinburne Musalla

Lifesavers 5th August 23 at Golden Wattle Mosque

AIMA Victoria Inaugural Meeting, Sunday 23rd July,2023 Hotel Grand chancellor Melbourne.

This was the first meeting since AIMA/MHPA merger took place.

Lifesavers 22nd July, 2023 Australian Bosnian Islamic Centre, Albanvale, Melbourne.

Lifesavers 15th July, 2023 Al-Taqwa Mosque Truiganina, Melbourne

Life savers 8th July 2023 at Albanian Australian Islamic Society Carlton

Blood Donation Drive 24th February 2023, at Melbourne Grand Mosque and Virgin Mary Mosque,

Lifesavers, 10th December 2022, PGCC, Doveton, Melbourne

Lifesavers, 2nd December 2022, Australian Islamic Centre, Newport, Melbourne

Lifesavers, 27th November 2022, Geelong Mosque, Geelong

Lifesavers, 25 November 2022 at Coolaroo Musallah,

Lifesavers, 19November 2022 at IMCV Coburg North

Lifesavers at IMCV Westall, Clayton South, 18 Nov 2022

Blood Donation Drive at AMSSA, north Melbourne, 18 Nov 2022

Lifesavers at IMCV, Baitul Ma’mur, Laverton, 11 November 2022

Lifesavers and First aid Program at Nurul Huda Academy, 5th November, 2022

Lifesavers Program at Preston Masjid, 4th November, 2022

Lifesavers Program at Australian Muslim social services(AMSSA) North Melbourne and donation of AED, 23rd Oct, 2022

Life savers program at Melbourne grand mosque and donation of AED, 22nd October, 2022

Blood Donation drive 25February 2022, at

1; Ballarat Masjid Abu Bakar As-siddiq, 2:PGCC, 3:Virgin Mary Mosque, 4: Hallam Mosque, 5:MY Centre,

6: Fawkner Masjid, 7: Sports complex, Monash University

Blood Donation Drive 2021