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Ramadan: Healthy eating and Diabetes Care

By Dr Asif Shahzad

The Australian Islamic Medical Association Queensland, in collaboration with Kuraby Mosque (Brisbane), organised a community education session on the topic of “Ramadan: Healthy eating and Diabetes Care”. This session was held on Sunday 3rd of March 2024 at Kuraby Mosque( Brisbane) after Duhur prayers. It was first in a line of series of programmes Australian Islamic Medical Association has organised under the banner of the AIMA Ramadan Initiative. AIMA conducts a variety of community programmes in the interest of community education and skill learning, for example community CPR programmes and blood donation drives. In addition to that, AIMA also conducted a series of web based and delivered programmes this year before Ramadan about different topics related to health.

“Ramadan: Healthy eating and Diabetes Care” programme was organised to target a combined audience of community members as well as health professionals. In addition to a live audience, it was also livestreamed at Kuraby Mosque’s Facebook page and YouTube channel. The program was attended by around 40-50 community members in-person from all ages and walks of life. The content of the programme was delivered by two Muslim health professionals, a dietitian, and an endocrinology speciality doctor.

Zeenia Gul, an accredited practicing dietitian and health coach, delivered a well-focused talk on healthy eating in in Ramadan in general but especially for the people with diabetes. The content of this talk suited all Muslims to adopt healthy heating in Ramadan but especially how Muslims with diabetes can optimise their diet and health in Ramadan to enjoy the benefits and rewards of month of Ramadan. This talk was well received by the participants who listened eagerly and also had opportunity to ask their questions.

The second talk was delivered by Dr Imran Butt, an advance trainee of endocrinology at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

This portion of the talk was not only focused on patients but also on educating health practitioners (i.e., GP’s) to help their Muslim patients in Ramadan. Dr Butt presented a body of knowledge supporting and enabling safe fasting in Ramadan for the people with diabetes. It included practical recommendations for diabetic persons to prepare early, seeking early advice from their health professional team to optimise and tweak the medications to help patients fast in Ramadan if they wish to do so. This talk was beneficial for general public and health professionals alike.

There was ample time for questions and answer sessions for the participants. The conversations carried on over tea and refreshments which was provided by AIMA QLD for the participants. The community members and administration of Kuraby Mosque acknowledged the efforts of AIMA national teams. AIMA QLD in turn acknowledged the support provided by Kuraby Mosque to deliver this program.

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