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Lifesavers at the Australian Islamic Centre campus

On Saturday 30 March 2024, AIMA Victoria held a Lifesavers event at the Australian Islamic Centre campus in Newport, 40 boys and girls from grades 3 to 6 participated where they learned CPR, recovery positions and how to handle choking incidents.

Sister Sameera oversaw the event, with presenters Dr Ashraf Chehata and Dr Mohammed Awad engaging the children to create a unique atmosphere for them to learn.

Teachers accompanied their classes, contributing to a supportive atmosphere for both boys and girls.

Volunteers, hailing from diverse academic backgrounds, not only brought their own children to learn but also assisted with the training.

Among them were three GPs, a neurosurgeon, a geriatrician, an orthopaedic surgeon, two medical students, a dentist, a physiotherapist and two school students.

Each child received a certificate to take home, acknowledging their new skills and commitment to helping in emergencies.

A nationwide initiative, Lifesavers emphasises the importance of equipping all people, no matter their age, with essential life-saving skills for their community.

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