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AIMA holds its first inaugural conference

More than 300 medical professionals joined the two-day inaugural conference of the Australian Islamic Medical Association (AIMA) in Sydney on Sat 13-Sun 14 May 2023 and while networking discussed a variety of topics intersecting modern medicine and Islamic ethics.

The conference explored a wide range of topics around the theme of The Past, Present and Future of Health, including the following:

  • Healing with Heart and Faith: Prophetic lessons for Muslim Healthcare Professionals 
  • Medicine: an exercise of the imagination 
  • The History of Medicine in the Medieval Islamic world and its influence on Modern Medicine.
  • The Spoon maker’s Diamond and the future of Australian Muslims healthcare
  • Breaking Down Barriers: How Muslim Healthcare Professionals can build Bridges and drive inclusion in Healthcare
  • Muslim Jurists on Assisted Reproductive Technology and Reproductive Tissue Transplantation
  • Islamic perspectives on end of life issues and brain death
  • Uncovering the Genetic Basis of Cardiac Diseases: The role of Genomic Testing
  • Clinician Emotional Wellbeing: Thriving over Surviving
  • From Preconception to Precision medicine: The Power of Genomic Testing in Carrier screening and diagnosis
  • Building a better World: FIMA’s Global network of Islamic Medical Associations
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare- challenges and opportunities
  • Digital health, Future of medicine and medical technologies
  • Juggling Medicine and Faith: Navigating the Unique Challenges Faced by Muslim Students and Young Doctors.
  • The Muslim Physician and the Ethics of Medicine

Jihad Dib sends message of support for AIMA’s inaugural conference


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