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About Us

Who are we?

AIMA is democratic and national organization that aims to unite and inspire Muslim healthcare and serve humanity. AIMA organizational structure comprises of a central and branches in states and territories of Australia. Muslim healthcare professionals form the significant proportion of the Australian Health Workforce. Our membership body reflects the diversity of professions, grades, ethnicities and localities with the Muslims workforce.

AIMA’s team of healthcare professionals cover a range of medical and surgical specialities. Collectively, we strive to bring together a diverse team of medical and allied health professionals who support students from these fields and participate in medical projects, community development and awareness raising. In line with our vision and through our collaborative projects, AIMA strives to make tangible differences in alleviating disease and its socioeconomic impacts by making healthcare accessible to those who need it, in Australia and overseas.

Our Aims

  • To promote better understanding and appreciation of principles and values of Islam amongst all health care professionals.
  • To protect and promote the health of Patients and the Public by adhering to fundamentals of good medical practice guided by Islamic ethics.
  • To promote professional and social interaction among Muslim health care professionals and with the wider medical community in Australia
  • To facilitate research and education in the field of medicine, Islamic Medical History and Islamic Medical Ethics.
  • To engage our professional skills in charitable activities locally and globally to help the vulnerable members of the community irrespective of colour, creed, or faith.
  • To advise & support Muslim Health Care Professionals and students in career development, orientation, and other work-related issues.

What do we do?

  • Community Service
  • Trainee and Students
  • Public Health and Education
  • Events
  • Professional Developments

What makes us Unique?


  • AIMA is guided by Islamic Values, seeking to improve healthcare for all
  • AIMA is a grassroots organization with representation in all regions of Australia
  • AIMA is an independent, not for profit membership organization, with an elected accountable leadership
  • AIMA is for all Muslim Healthcare professionals in Australia irrespective of their ethnicity, grade, specialty, profession or county of qualification.

Some of our work

  • AIMA Life Savers program, – This started as a one day national event delivering basic life support (BLS) training simultaneously through multiple mosques across the country. But now is being conducted on regular basis, in some States.
  • National Blood donation drive, through mosques and Islamic centres across the country.
  • Health promotion stalls at various national and regional community events.
  • Producing a national educational program to increase awareness and improve clinical management healthcare professionals on Ramadan and the fasting Muslims Patients.
  • Regional networking dinners and online networking group.