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Student Health and Well-being

AIMA is passionate about the health and welfare of medical students and junior doctors, and provides support through a number of ways on issues related to medical student health and well-being. We believe that good healthcare starts with looking after our own physical and mental health. Our doctors have a special interest in pastoral support, and hope to establish a supportive environment for Muslim medical students in Australia. When it comes to seeking advice or help, taking the first step is often the hardest. We run several events throughout the year that provide an opportunity for students to seek support and mentorship within a medical community in a relaxed and informal setting.

AIMA student wing is very well established now, student team in each States, Territories will closely liaise with relevant AIMA State/ territory body with a view to Carrer guidance, mentoring and leadership development.

Alternatively, students are welcome to get in touch with AIMA central directly here with any questions or concerns.