News Update

New South Wales Branch

President:Dr Naing Imran Win
Secretary:Dr Elhassan Elabbas

Lifesavers at Penhurst Mosque, Sydney Friday, 25th August

Thriving not just surviving, (as a Muslim Healthcare professional)22nd July 2023, Auburn community Centre

Blood donation drive 24 February 2023 at Al-Rahma Mosque Guildford, Quakers Hill and Rooty Hill Mosques

Lifesavers at Al-Rahma Mosque Guildford, Saturday, 29th Oct 2022

Lifesavers Program, Saturday 24th September, 2022

  • Rooty hill mosque, Black Town Mosque, Quackers Hill Mosque

Eid Dinner -AIMA NSW: Saturday 14th May 22

Blood Donation drive, Friday 25th, Feb 2022

  • 1:Lakemba mosque 2: Rooty hills mosque 3: Blacktown mosque 4: Quackers Hill Mosque 5: Wallsend Mosque, Newcastle 6:Omar Mosque, Wooloongong 7: Masjid Bilal

AIMA NSW, COVID-19 Schools education program.

The initiative was led by: Dr Habib Bhurawala, Dr Fariha Dib, Dr Asif Raza, Dr Nada Rawof, Dr Naing Win, Dr Naim Islam, Dr Zeina Merhi and Dr Ahmed Alomary. The sub-committee reached out to various schools in the private (Islamic and Non-Islamic) and public sector.

90 minute online information session.

7 sessions were conducted to 10 Schools in Sydney.

It started with an online session to Young Muslim Network Australia (YMNA) in Victoria.

YMNA online Session.

AIMA NSW, COVID -19 Schools Education

COVID-19 Message, 15 Oct, 2021

The Digital Transformation of Health, 16 Oct, 2021

AIMA webinar: The Digital transformation of Health

Feeling Down in Lockdown, 09 Oct, 2021

AIMA webinar on “Feeling down in Lockdown”

Islamic Ethical Perspective of Vaccination, 18 Sep, 2021

Finding Strength in Accepting our Weakness, 22 Aug, 2021

Lifestart, Rooty Hill Masjid 30th May 2021