• Management of patients with co-morbid Type 2 diabetes and hypertension
  • This event was accredited for 4 CPD points category 2 from the RACGP
  • AIMA held its general meeting on 7th March 2015.
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  • Paediatric Emergencies course in Iraq

Welcome to Australian Iraqi Medical Association ( AIMA) INC

We are a group of Australians with Iraqi backgrounds who are medical professionals with different specialties working in Australia.

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Management of patients with co-morbid Type 2 diabetes and hypertension presented by Professor Richard Lee Kennedy. It will be on Tuesday the 8th of December.

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ASTHMA UPDATE: RESPIRATORY FUNCTION TESTS FROM SPIROMETRY TO POLYSOMNOGRAPHY And a presentation on flutiform® inhaler Wednesday, 3rd June 2015

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Association Meetings

AIMA meeting 25/4/2015 Discussion Iraq trip December 2014

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1) Iraqi Adult Life Support coming soon. Register your interest!
2) Iraqi Paediatric Life Support - Held on Saturday 6th September 2014.

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Management of patients

AIMA’s next educational event will be about “Management of patients with co-morbid Type 2 diabetes and hypertension” presented by Professor Richard Lee Kennedy. The event will be held at Manara Lebanese Restaurant, 188 Sydney Rd, Coburg, VIC 3058. It will be on Tuesday the 8th of December. Please email Dr

4 CPD points category 2 from the RACGP

Dear Colleagues, It was a great pleasure to see 42 doctors attend our latest educational event. It was very successful and informative. It was also my pleasure to see new colleagues attend for the first time, and I hope to continue seeing our colleagues in these events. This event was

Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease; (The role of imaging: CTCA versus TSE) AND Stroke Prevention in Non-Valvular Atrial Fibrillation. This will be a two hour event.  Dr Ali Alfiadh and his colleague  Dr Leighton Kearney will run a debate session on the topic of CTCA versus TSE. There will also be a short

Successful educational night with Jeremy Goldin

It was another successful educational night run by AIMA. It was a very informative session with Jeremy Goldin providing many insights as well as responding to questions. There was great interaction between the doctors and the speaker. 23 doctors attended this night. Leyalina restaurant was a beautiful venue, and provided delicious

AIMA Supports Dr Ali Azzam’s Project in Iraq

AIMA proudly supports the efforts by Dr Ali Azzam (Hematologist currently working in Queensland) to increase development in Iraq by supporting Maysan Hospital with equipment and providing resources that include translating the Australian guidelines for Hematology Malignancy Treatment into Arabic. His mission in Maysan last year gave him inspiration to continue improving

In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Beneficent
On Allah we rely and we praise Him for what He has given us of successive blessings, particularly the grace of science and learning, through which we have become a cause to help people and a balm to heal their wounds and ease their pain, and an avenue to support the needy and destitute people. With His favour and increment we have become others’ focus of views; each sees us their own way; some may look at us with exultation; other with pride and appreciation; and others may look at us with something other than that.
And since our profession is specific and special humane profession, we always try hard and endeavour through which to remove people’s physical impairments and touch their body with the hand of mercy so to elevate their psychological and moral situation to a higher degree. Thus, medicine professionals at various levels are the messengers of peace for mankind and soothes of their bleeding wounds. They are also the covert of creativity and morality for human beings. Based on that we bear heavy responsibilities; first and foremost, as practitioners of this noble profession, we have to upgrade of professional, ethical and scientific aspects of our profession, and keep the door of hope open for all mankind, who are suffering today from the scourge of wars, disasters and various diseases. This is in addition to the cultural and moral decline as a result of ethical, ideological and political deviations, which create the policies of contention over others’ capabilities and wealth and the attempt of weakening them by various ways and methods.
Such kind of policies has resulted into the exacerbation of diseases and pains in different areas of the globe, especially in our wounded country, Iraq.
For that, some of our colleague doctors have persistently worked towards the establishment of an association for the Iraqi physicians who live and work in Australia in an attempt to implement a number of vocational, health and humanitarian programs in Iraq and communicate with our colleague health professionals and other people there. It also aims at the exploration and introduction of the degree of injustice and violation of rights, which have fallen on the Iraqi people as a result of the unjust global policies that do not want this country to stand up and the Iraqi people to live up.
Our constant and persistent efforts have resulted into the birth of our “Australian Iraq Medical Association” (AIMA). We are confident that AIMA will contribute to deepen the bonds of brotherhood amongst all Iraqi doctors in both Iraq and Australia, and to communicate and work together with our counterparts here in Australia. We also endeavour to establish a concrete and solid base for our Iraqi community through constructive institutions and projects that support the presence of our community and then to develop further communication with our mother country in the best benefit of us all.
We ask Almighty Allah to guide and help us in our endeavours and we ask Him to protect our country Iraq and our people in Iraq, and to further continue His grace of prosperity, security and peace for Australia.

حوائج الناس إليكم من نعم الله عليكم فلا تملوا النعم